Website Copy

Digital presence is everything for a business or service in this day and age. First impressions have the potential to make or break your online presence.

Ask yourself: when a user visits my site, are they going to want to stick around? Does your content entice them and make them want to stay? Repeated studies have shown that individuals who browse online have an opinion of your website within the first seven seconds.

Here comes the magic of the website copy: the not-so-simple task of making your website stand-out and sell itself. You need to effectively tempt your customers. Of course, there’s an art form and psychology behind the proposal that underpins a website’s content. And there’s a big difference between website content and a website copy. The former is a blog post, or an article containing information; the latter is your pitch and the hook that drives your customers in.

Here’s what we can promise you if you let us write your website copy for you:

  • Concise, enticing content for all your site’s significant pages with strong call-to-action language
  • Your existing pages rewritten, making them more reader-friendly and expanding on them for better Google visibility
  • Detailed research on your competitors which we use to better your website
  • Keyword-focused by just the right amount (because overdoing keywords is never a good thing)
  • A complete web copy for any and all of the pages you want, tailored towards your specific business needs

You can’t write a stellar website copy without first keeping the readers and customers in mind. So we try to get in their heads -- and our experience in copywriting means we know what clicks.